Getting to know Tom Pellette, new Construction Industries Group President

Tom Pellette is a new member of Caterpillar's Executive Office, serving as group president with responsibility for Construction Industries. He spent the past 21 years at Caterpillar's Solar Turbines Division, most recently as a Caterpillar vice president and president of Solar Turbines.

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Oberhelman Sounds off on Keystone XL

Because Caterpillar has long supported the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline project, Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman wanted to add his voice to the many experts and officials urging Congress and the White House to move the project forward. His opinion piece originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune with the headline, “Doug Oberhelman: Keystone XL pipeline's gift: 42,000 jobs.”

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Innovation turns trash into exciting ergonomic solution

Mike Heddy and Ricardo Garcia are more than machinists. They are innovators.

For less than a thousand dollars, they turned garbage into a cost-cutting, time-saving, ergonomic solution in their Jacksonville, Florida, facility.

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Building the King Albert Canal

During the 1930s, there were 2,000,000 yards of dirt that needed to be moved.

Caterpillar was up for the challenge.

Ten of the first 25 Caterpillar Diesel Sixty Tractors built in 1931 and 1932 worked on the King Albert Canal – an approximately 80 mile stretch from Antwerp to Liege, Belgium.

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